Elizabeth had cravings. She desired chocolate
and cream cheese bagels. I was surprised, but
said we could go to the bakery. There was an
element of adventure which always made
Elizabeth exciting. I loaned her a trench coat
and a woolly scarf, and we went out into the
hoary morning. Elizabeth had shaken off the
fog of despondency which had depressed her
at first. She was positively bouncy now. After
our sweet treat, Elizabeth wanted the cinema.
She didn’t care what was playing. Any soppy
B-grade teen flick would fit the bill. I relished
the prospect of holding hands in the dark, maybe
even smooching a bit. We walked to the multiplex,
bought random tickets, and a huge carton of
buttery popcorn. I worried that my money was
nearly out. Naturally I would pay for everything,
that was the way with Elizabeth. We went straight
to the back row seats, clutching hands. Elizabeth’s
eyes shone brightly. I brushed her button nose
with my fingertips. I was bewitched.


Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist