I skipped school. I knew there would be
repercussions. Father would certainly be
informed. But I wanted to spend the day
with Elizabeth, like we used to do. Clarissa
had already texted me three times. I had to
answer. If she called, I wouldn’t be able to keep
the guilt out of my voice. I was horribly conflicted.
I knew that Elizabeth would probably use me,
and toss me aside when a hunkier boy appeared
on the scene. I didn’t care. She was perfumed,
gorgeous, fragile. I had to have her. She was like
some kind of wonder drug. Elizabeth said she
wanted to buy some simple supplies for herself.
We would go to the local store. Elizabeth clutched
my hand as we went out. I was dying to kiss her.
I knew she knew. A spark of mischief had lit again
in Elizabeth’s eyes. Suddenly she squeezed my
fingertips and pecked me full on the lips. It was
beyond thrilling. I was hopelessly ensnared.


Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist