I wheeled my bicycle to the school sheds. The
Headmaster had commanded cyclists dismount
on entering the school gates, to avoid unnecessary
accidents. I knew Akers would be there, supported
by his cronies. He was loafing by the wall,
aimlessly kicking the filthy brickwork. He sneered
massively when he saw me. He taunted me, calling
me fat-boy. I’d had enough. I swung a wild punch,
which caught him in the throat. Akers was
doubled-up on the deck. I was amazed. I booted
him in the ribs. Suddenly the woodwork teacher
came out of nowhere. He yanked at my ear
painfully. It was the Headmaster’s office for me.
Akers was dusting himself off. His trousers were
torn. His credibility was lost. I regretted nothing.


Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist