I longed to share my good fortune with Father.
I knew this was a major turnabout from earlier
days. However Father was always away now.
He rose at an unspeakable hour. I heard him
clattering his coffee spoon in the kitchen. I waited
for the door to click shut and his keys turn over
in the old white van parked way below my window.
Father would be away for hours. I’d linger in my
bed awhile, thinking of Clarissa. Soon it would be
time for school. Invariably I skipped breakfast.
I did, however, make myself a black coffee. It
made me feel grown-up. Later I would remove
the padlock from my bike, and cycle the few miles
to school. Arriving flush, I looked out for Clarissa.
She’d be amongst a gaggle of friends at the gates.
We processed to the bike sheds where I snuck a
secret kiss. When the bell rang, I released Clarissa
from my arms and school began.


Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist