I holed up in my attic room and devised plans
of reaching Elizabeth. Mother was watching me
closely, in case I bolted. She and Father didn’t
want to have to search me out again. My school
career would be over if I went AWOL once more.
Father wouldn’t be mollified this time. I didn’t really
know what I’d actually do if I found Elizabeth.
I had big romantic notions that we might become
a couple and raise the baby together. But the
practicalities, when I thought hard, dwarfed all
the sentimental stuff. I simply wasn’t prepared
to be a Father. This didn’t stop my heart from
stinging. The need, the compulsion to see
Elizabeth was overwhelming. I felt bereft.
I had to know my love, my darling Elizabeth,
was coping.

Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist