At school I was met with a new problem. A burly
new boy had taken a powerful dislike to me. I’d
done absolutely nothing to him. The boy was
named Akers. Everyone hero-worshipped him.
He excelled in sports. He spoke confidently and
towed behind him a gang of acolytes. I wasn’t
really impressed by his charms. I figured that this
was the reason he hated me, and why he singled
me out for bullying. It always happened before
school. Akers would hang around the bike sheds
with his roughs. My chest stung where Akers’
fingers had prodded me. My face was flush from
his slaps. I thought of reporting it, then dismissed
the idea. Even the teachers venerated Akers.
I would have to suffer silently. To be honest, I felt
like I deserved this abuse, for letting down
Elizabeth. School had also become a sorry hell.
I licked my wounded pride and said nothing.


Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist