Margaret and Jack, once they knew my plans,
offered to drive me up to London. I received a
mild pep talk about the dangers of accepting rides
from total strangers. I didn’t object, because
Margaret was so mild and cheery. However I did
wonder whether she’d spoken to Father secretly.
Anyways, I slung my haversack in the back seat
and got ready for the long drive back to the city.
I threw a cursory glance at the farmstead across
the road. Apart from the soft lowing of cows, all
was peaceful. Elizabeth didn’t deserve more
thought. She was welcome to Bryant, I would
despise them both forever. When Jack put the car
into gear, we hurtled down the snaky lanes, until
the village was left far behind us. We were to take
the slow road back to London, with plentiful breaks
along the way. Jack even wanted to pull over and
visit Stonehenge. Despite everything, my interest
was piqued. This was wonderful therapy.


Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist