Somehow I expected liveried footmen. However
Clarissa’s Mother served a regal dish of pheasant
and chestnuts alone. I’d never experienced such
culinary pleasure. Clarissa, being vegan, had a
plate of leafy vegetables and cheese sauce, which
looked a positive bore. I tried not to smack my lips
as Clarissa’s Father made small talk. As he spoke
of trifles, I considered this conspicuous show of
wealth. It must be inherited, I thought, because
Clarissa’s parents were mere schoolteachers.
Perhaps Clarissa’s grandparent had been an oil
tycoon. Whatever the case, I was thoroughly
converted to the high life. I’d never suspected
that Clarissa might be an heiress. It was titillating.
I looked across at her in her apricot ball gown,
and smirked a satisfied smile.

Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist