Elizabeth and I were returning home. Our hands
were intertwined, our throats giggling. Somebody
was waiting beside the front door. My stomach
lurched. It was Clarissa. This was immensely
difficult. I saw Clarissa’s body stiffen, then her
shoulders trembled. Elizabeth beside me was
merely curious. I didn’t think polite introductions
would work. Clarissa was fumbling with the
toggles on her coat, clearly distressed. As we
approached closer, Clarissa bolted. She ran
through the gate and charged up the street.
Our relationship was over. I thought about
hurling my hands in the air and running after
her. However it was hopeless. Elizabeth was
asking wickedly who that young woman was.
I barely acknowledged her. My head and heart
were in turmoil. I knew I’d lost a loyal love.
It was appalling. I shook away Elizabeth’s hand
brusquely, unbolted the front door, and we
traipsed inside.


Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist