William had become a real slob. He’d

lie on his bed playing computer games

when it was broad daylight. He even

closed his bedroom curtains at noon.

I could hear his squeals of digital delight

from downstairs, when I was washing up

the dishes. It was so unhealthy, cooped

up all day, goggling at a small screen.

I asked William if he’d like to go to the

park and play some ball. He sneered.

No way Nat, that stuff is for babies, he

barked dismissively. I’d have to make

the trip sound more enticing. I promised

him an ice cream. Greed flickered in

William’s eyes. I had scored a victory.

Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist

88 thoughts on “Slob”

  1. I had Zoe write this portion – the start of Day 2 of her slave adventure. If you wonder how anyone could enjoy this, take note of her comments at the end of the story.(Read Slut Slave for the start of the adventure)Zoe writes:I want you to cum. I can feel the tension in your body and know you are close. You are deep in my throat. Your cock and my face are covered with my saliva. There is no air in my throat, only thick hard cock. I can’t breathe, but I fight down the panic and take it as long as I can. I am still struggling not to pee. You are leaning over me, supporting yourself…—Day-2-09-24

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