Once home, William and I unpacked

a bizarre assortment of food. There

were mostly tins, lentils and peaches,

diced tomatoes and beetroot. William

pulled any ugly face. Also a pack of

stale rolls and some plain biscuits,

half a carton of eggs, powdered milk

and some dish-washing liquid. We

didn’t own a single cookbook. I’d

need to look up some simple recipes

on the internet. I scanned my phone.

William was eyeballing the biscuits.

I couldn’t imagine he’d take much

pleasure in a tomato and lentil stew.

Nevertheless I opened two tins and

set to work. The smell was disgusting.

William kicked the skirting board and

slunk away. I noticed that the biscuits

were missing.

Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist

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