Now you are gone
the sky weeps buckets

obliterating your trail
back home

it is uncommonly cold
for October

I think of you
having no shelter

no food
you loathe strangers

who might rescue you
we all adore

and mourn you
like a small lost child

our family lesser
from grieving for you.


When I look
at the stars

for instance
the milky way

our earth-life
slips away

these mundane concerns
are scintillated

by a hundred-thousand suns
the sub-zero infinities

of outer space
dwarf every human achievement

the latest laws of astrophysics
prove that even time

which has always been our master
is some cosmic anomaly.


You could always
be relied on

to provide
an elegant solution

to a mathematical problem
however you stank at life

your four marriages
raw testimony

to your obnoxious character
when your absolute being

was not consumed
by pure science

which was your true soulmate
your perfect love

the consummate equation
in an otherwise sterile world.


As the ship bubbles under
leaving bobbing containers

in the hissing reach
an oil slick is on fire

I think briefly of pollution
dismiss the ludicrous notion

because the whole scenario
is astonishing

like the death cargo
of a Viking longboat aflame

there is even the apparition
of a blood-soaked sunset

to guarantee absolutely
an eternal afterlife.