I woke and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. The
world was still an unholy mess. I wished all the
adults would just go away and leave Elizabeth
and I to solve our own mayhem. I had no intention
of being carted back to London. My responsibilities
were here, by Elizabeth’s side. If they thought I was
a jackass, let them think. This trouble had grown
me beyond my years. I went down for breakfast.
Mother was speaking on her mobile. I could tell it
was Father. He was barking and spitting venom
down the phone. Mother looked shaken. I could
tell that he was insisting Mother drag me back
home. This was not going to happen. I would
make things plain. Recklessly I grabbed the
phone from Mother’s hand and ended the call.
Mother looked thunderstruck.

Author: Robert James Berry

Poet & Novelist